I Look Up When I Walk

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Haunting Tune, Tragic Fate. The title of the 20 year old singer's hit ("I Look Up When I Walk") say that he looks up when he walks to see the stars through his tears after apparently being rejected in love. The opening lines (quoted in full at the YouTube video) are:

I look up when I walk
So the tears won't fall
Remembering those happy spring days
But tonight I'm all alone
I look up when I walk
Counting the stars with tearful eyes
Remembering those happy summer days…

Real Title Not Sukiyaki. Western distributors stuck an easier to remember name on the song. All Westerners would recognize the name of a Japanese beef stew. The real title is I Look Up As I Walk. More info about the song I Look Up As I Walk, which was marketed as Sukiyaki:
Wikipedia article: About The Song .

Quick Intro: Kyu Sakamoto (10 December 1941 12 August 1985) was a Japanese singer and actor, best known outside Japan for his international hit song "Ue o Muite Aruko" (known as "Sukiyaki" in English-speaking markets), which was sung in Japanese and sold over 13 million copies. It reached number one in the United States Billboard Hot 100 in June 1963, making Sakamoto the first Asian recording artist to have a number one song on the chart. Sakamoto, along with 519 others on board the flight, was killed in the crash of Japan Airlines Flight 123 on 12 August 1985; the deadliest single-aircraft accident to date.

Wikipedia article: Kyu Sakamoto (1941-1985) died age 43.

Homage in 2008: They will always love Kyu Sakamoto in Japan, and so should we all around the world.

Enduring Fame

According to Wikipedia, Kyu Sakamoto's best song quickly made history. It became one of the world's best-selling singles of all time, selling over 13 million copies worldwide. That's half a century ago, and this young star still shines up in the heavens.

hauntingly beautiful songs, global fame, a life cut tragically short

Kyu Sakamoto (early 20s)


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